Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units. Gibson Upright Freezer.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

wine cellar refrigeration units

    refrigeration units
  • (Refrigeration Unit) Lowers the temperature through a mechanical process. By definition, refrigerators, freezers, and air-conditioning equipment all contain refrigeration units.

  • Vapor-compression refrigeration is one of the many refrigeration cycles available for use. It has been and is the most widely used method for air-conditioning of large public buildings, offices, private residences, hotels, hospitals, theaters, restaurants and automobiles.

    wine cellar
  • A cellar in which wine is stored

  • cellar: storage space where wines are stored

  • A stock of wine

  • A wine cellar is a storage room for wine in bottles or barrels, or more rarely in carboys, amphorae or plastic containers. In an active wine cellar, important factors such as temperature and humidity are maintained by a climate control system.

  • To dream of a wine-cellar, foretells superior amusements or pleasure will come in your way, to be disposed of at your bidding.

wine cellar refrigeration units - Grand Cru

Grand Cru 800 - Wine Cellar Cooling Unit -Black -Max Room Size = 100 Cu Ft

Grand Cru 800 - Wine Cellar Cooling Unit -Black -Max Room Size = 100 Cu Ft

Our brand new units are in! New and improved the newer Grand Cru Cooling Units are quieter and more efficient. After extensive research Wine Enthusiast experts have developed the Grand Cru Cooling System. Breakthrough technology monitors natural air currents in your wine cellar automatically adjusting to fluctuations and maintaining correct temperature and humidity levels. Creating optimal storage conditions these state-of-the-art systems do exactly what you want them to do: ensure your wines taste their absolute best. Electronic Controls Vibration-Free System High Density Thermal Insulation Ease of Installation Built-In Defrost Recycler Low Maintenance and Anti-Corrosion Condensation Management UL listed 1 Year Limited Warranty Size: 9'H x 15-1/2'W x 15-1/4'D; Drip pan adds 2' to the Height of the unit but not the cut out. Total height with drip pan is 11'. Installation Notes: Mounts easily through your wine cellar wall and vents to an adjacent room. Venting space must be as big or larger than you wine cellar. Your cellar must be properly insulated and vapor sealed for the unit to cool properly. For further descriptions and comparisons please call 800.377.3330 for a free consultation with one of our wine storage specialists.

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Allie in the outdoor refrigeration unit at Sabatini's Farm last summer.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar underneath 100 year old apartment

wine cellar refrigeration units

wine cellar refrigeration units

Vinotemp WM-2500-HTD Wine Cellar Cooling System Features Digital Display Control

Vinotemp?s WM-2500-HTD WineMate 250 cubic foot wine cellar cooling system is the perfect way to keep your wine room or wine cabinet chilled. This wine cooling system has a range of 50-65 degrees F and can effectively cool up to 250 cubic feet or 1200 bottles. It has four high speed fans and environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant to help produce up to 2500 BTU?s of cool air.

The WM-2500-HTD is ready to use almost immediately and does not require professional installation. The cooling system uses a digital control display for quick and immediate control. The unit comes with extra insulation and for better thermal and noise isolation and runs extremely quietly between 60-65 decibels.

The Vinotemp WM-2500-HTD WineMate 250 cubic foot wine cellar cooling system has plenty of features that keep it running smoothly. Its removable grill allows for easy cleaning and its oversized bottom feeding evaporator monitors humidity maintenance. The unit has been tested to reach the highest of manufacturing standards.

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